Publications in English

The System and its Information - 5th European Conference on Systems Science, Heraklion 17.10.

Towards a Systemic Medicine - Combining Old Observations with Modern Concepts - Conference of the Intern. Society for the Systems Science (ISSS) 2003

Systemic Psychotherapy for Homeopaths - Homeopathic Links 3/2002: 167-168

Trivial and non-trivial machines in the animal and in man, Kybernetes 2005; 34; 3-4: 508-520

Systemic thinking and Chinese medicine – a relational exercise, Co-author: Rebecca Ewert, 3. Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο στη Συστεμική Θεραπία. Heraklio 21.-23.10.2005,

Problems of Evidence Based Medicine in Judging Naturopathic treatments ANME Conference, Frankfurt; November 11, 2006

Gregory Bateson Memorial of Kybernetes Journal 7/8 2007, editor together with Monika Bröcker

Still not paradigmatic, Editorial of the Gregory Bateson Memorial, Kybernetes 36; 7/8 2007: 847-851

Georg Ivanovas, Vlassis Tomaras, Vasiliki Papadioti, Nikolaos Paritsis, Human robustness and conscious purpose in contemporary medicine, Kybernetes 36; 7/8 2007: 972-984, DOI: 10.1108/03684920710777496, as pdf-file

Medical Perception and the Blind Spot in: Gormly, J., Klien, M. & Valk, S. (Eds.), Framemakers: Choreography as an Aesthetics of Change, Limerick: Daghdha Dance Company 2008

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